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Forces collide…

Posted in Warhammer Online - General on July 31, 2010 by bruglir

So on the PTS right now, they’ve disabled friendly collission (note: you can still collide with players from the enemy realm). The performance change was very noticable, while it wasn’t tested with the same size force i’m used to seeing on my home server, it was still sizeable enough that you would usually see some lag, and juddering with abilities.

They’re keeping friendly collision disabled for the time being, so go check it out. there’s another stress test next week on saturday 7th at 01:00 GMT/ 02:00 CET. we had quite a few Euro players this week, let’s hope we get some more.

Also, Mykiel and i will be arranging a player run PTS event at some point, so keep checking back for info!


Developer Q+A

Posted in Warhammer Online - General on July 30, 2010 by bruglir

so we finished tonights dev Q+A session. i’m sure someone will have an transcription up at some point, but for those who want to check it out before then, here’s the audio.


Eternal Citadel… a 6v6 scenario

Posted in Warhammer Online - General on July 30, 2010 by bruglir

Last night (actually… 1am for me) the CT’s, Dev’s and anyone who happened to be on the PTS at the time, started testing out the new 6v6 scenario: Eternal Citadel.

I have to say it was a lot of fun, and a huge improvement over the Ironclad for a number of reasons.

  • While you can still technically be spawncamped, it’s a lot more difficult due to randomised spawn locations.
  • You can’t hide in your spawn point.
  • You can’t heal through walls. In comparrison to the ironclad, at least.

Currently it’s in the testing stage, so considder this video a preview for those who weren’t around to test it. overall it feels solid, it’s got a fairly decent playing area and for the most part it’s just an all out slug-fest. I won’t go into detail about the scenario mechanics at the moment in case they change it. But i would say that of all the careers to suffer in this scenario, i think ranged-dps will have the most difficulty. There’s just very little room for kiting, it’s very “in your face”.

There’s also an epic pit of doom…

aaaand finally, i feel like i should apologise to the poor runepriest i picked on all night 😀

once again, this is still processing, and will be up to 720p shortly. sorry for the delay!

AOE or Single Target heals, which is better?

Posted in Warhammer Online - General on July 27, 2010 by bruglir

There’s a lot of discussion going on at the moment as to the viability of certain classes after the changes in 1.3.6. The biggest issue seems to be that non-disciple/warrior priest healers are being “shafted”. Having the worst armour values in the game, and the longest cast times on their heals, with no actual benefit over Disciple/Warrior priests.

It’s a very real concern, so i’ve mthade a short video discussing it. now this video assumes the role of a “fair test”. with both classes wearing the same armour, with the same talismans, the same points spent in their healing tree and renown bonuses. what it demonstrates is that over the same period of time, a warrior priest will be able to heal his entire group for far more than an archmage will be able to heal just ONE person.

this is the information you can gather from the video, in a nutshell it assumes:

  • both characters are in 7 sov + 4 lotd glyphs
  • neither are interrupted
  • all have willpower talismans in every slot, except heal crit in shoulders, heal power in gloves.
  • all heals are critical


in ten seconds the archmage gets.

  • 4 heals
  • 2.8k each (crit)
  • one target
  • 11.2k heals to one target


in ten seconds the warrior priest gets

  • 6.7 heals (rounding to 7… closest number)
  • 2.5k each (crit)
  • 6 targets
  • 17.5k heals to all 6 targets

 Oh, and well done to my 6 year old daughter for her conclusion to these findings.


discussion thread here

Are you Chosen? Ever wonder why your Ravage was nerfbatted?

Posted in Warhammer Online - General on July 25, 2010 by bruglir

Look no further than Zaknarakh!

Not only is he one of Europe’s premier solo and smallscale heroes, he’s a kick ass photographer, and one hell of a nice guy. He can usually be found recording bugged or overpowered abilities to the point where the entire community is outraged!

if only more players were this dedicated!

oh… and i’m in this vid too, somewhere 😀

“War Day Out” UK edition!!!

Posted in Warhammer Online - General on July 25, 2010 by bruglir

After seeing the success of War Day Out yesterday in Virginia USA, i figured it might be a cool idea to arrange one in England!

There are a lot of players from different EU servers with such interesting personas, playstyles, grudges, and friendships, that it could make for an extrordinary event. and what better day or location to choose than this years Gamesday? So if you’re already attending, thinking of attending, or hadn’t planned to yet, this might be the perfect opportunity to sort your tickets out, and head to the NEC on 26th September.

I’ve started a forum topic on the WAR official forums, link here. Let’s see if we can get some solid attendance, have some fun, and raise the roof!

Starting a blog… and where to start?!

Posted in Warhammer Online - General on July 24, 2010 by bruglir

Hello everyone,

       Welcome to my new blog! i’ve been meaning to start one for a while, never really got round to it, and couldn’t think of what subject matter… most things seem to be covered by already established blogs. But then i figured that doesn’t matter, i’ve got things i want to say sometimes, and just need a place to express them.

Right now is an exciting time for Warhammer Online, we’re coming up to what is probably going to be the biggest patch since launch, with a lot of big changes. Now, with those changes comes testing, so right now we all have access to the public test server, Warpstone. Some people have found difficulty connecting to it, so i’ll just write a brief explaination on that.

  • Navigate to your Warhammer Online directory on your HDD, usually C:/Warhammer Online – Age Of Reckoning/
  • Then run Testpatch.exe
  • Once at the server select screen, everything will be grayed out. so click the “name” tab above the server names until Warpstone is at the top.
  • Click “Select”, and you should begin to connect, even with the servers still grayed out.

Lately, a lot of people have been asking me to post feedback for them, and even bug reports. I understand that as a core tester, you may believe i (we) are the fastest way to get your opinion heard by the Mythic development team, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Actually the fastest way is to make a bug report of your own, or leave feedback on the main forum.

So i’ve made a short video, for people who’ve never made a bug report, and don’t know how to yet. It also shows off the new Sorcerer Sovereign set for people who haven’t seen it, and a brief glimpse into how the new Close Quarters tactic is going to work!

have fun, see you on the battlefield!

ps. i must confess to a small mistake in the video. i stated a magic power proc of 160. it’s actually 130. MY BAD U GUYS!