AOE or Single Target heals, which is better?

There’s a lot of discussion going on at the moment as to the viability of certain classes after the changes in 1.3.6. The biggest issue seems to be that non-disciple/warrior priest healers are being “shafted”. Having the worst armour values in the game, and the longest cast times on their heals, with no actual benefit over Disciple/Warrior priests.

It’s a very real concern, so i’ve mthade a short video discussing it. now this video assumes the role of a “fair test”. with both classes wearing the same armour, with the same talismans, the same points spent in their healing tree and renown bonuses. what it demonstrates is that over the same period of time, a warrior priest will be able to heal his entire group for far more than an archmage will be able to heal just ONE person.

this is the information you can gather from the video, in a nutshell it assumes:

  • both characters are in 7 sov + 4 lotd glyphs
  • neither are interrupted
  • all have willpower talismans in every slot, except heal crit in shoulders, heal power in gloves.
  • all heals are critical


in ten seconds the archmage gets.

  • 4 heals
  • 2.8k each (crit)
  • one target
  • 11.2k heals to one target


in ten seconds the warrior priest gets

  • 6.7 heals (rounding to 7… closest number)
  • 2.5k each (crit)
  • 6 targets
  • 17.5k heals to all 6 targets

 Oh, and well done to my 6 year old daughter for her conclusion to these findings.


discussion thread here


23 Responses to “AOE or Single Target heals, which is better?”

  1. Wow

    That is pretty ugly for non-medium armored classes. This makes no sense, and I feel a lot of robeys will be shelving their characters…or even leaving.

    Personally have always loved the Warrior Priest…so I am good…until the nerf.

  2. Worst Blog eu.

  3. Laseryoda Says:

    Hi bruglir! First of all, awesome blog.

    But there’s one thing I noticed in this vid is that you forgot to equip weapons :D. It doesn’t make a big difference but WP’s uses 2 kinds of “weapons”, which means way better stats including 1 extra talisman spot (not really but you can’t put 2 wounds talismans in 1 staff while you can put 1 wounds talisman in both the hammer and charm for WP’s).

    Bye shaman, hi WP.
    Cya on azgal

    • Zarltaire Says:

      No but you can put wounds + something, in the staff and replace a “something” with wounds somewhere else so makes less difference than what you implying

  4. Laseryoda Says:

    Oh and one more thing is that WP’s have a +20% heal tactic whenever they defend an attack 😀

    • Kosarev Says:

      That doesnt proc very usually, with sorcs and magus negating most of our disrupt. Its a nice tactic yes, but not as good as it reads on the tooltip.

  5. it’s the fairest test i could think of. no weapons means no extra crit from having 2 vs a staff, same with heal power etc.

  6. Manteca Says:


  7. brainwash Says:

    evey know RF/SE regain is sick outside combat 😛 and u forget some good stuff for AM to like wildhealing Desperation and 10 sec AP drain. and Yes HG is a big nerf for healing AM atm they are able to spam none stop groups and never run out of AP

    • that’s the point of a “fair test”, i could have slotted exhalted defences, or desperation for AM etc.

      but the point was to make both healers as similar as worldly possible before casting anything.

      • brainwash Says:

        true but next time try do it in combat. it it will be easy to drain u RF/SE. ohh btw WP have alot more healing power u foget glyps for WP is realy good for healing WP but AM get only 1 healing power glypt+ 3 set bonus(107?)

        in 1.3.6 WP will do so much more healing thene Doks. Smite 7bonus on sov willl make them over the roof:/ i realy nope they nerf 7 bonus abit someting like 6 sec CD on the proc or even more

        Brainwash KA

  8. The cooldown on the WP/DOK Group heal needs to be increased to make it more on par wwith the meer mortal healers.

  9. You should remove team heals from DOK’s & WP’s let only the pure healers heal in PVP….. when there’s four healers in a SC there’s just no way to bring em down.

    Ban Curse addons and add a PVP Zone check like the SoR function in Cursed.

  10. Bruglir, it seems your blog will become a den of whiners and trolls. Mod em!

    Cheers for doing the test but I fear it’s a bit pointless. The fact that WP/DoK can pump out more healing than any other healer is well known. The more sensible players will acknowledge the worth of other healers (I can safely say that for the RP and AM, have no experience with Zealot and Shaman). Archamage’s neverending AP, Desperation + Magical Infusion and kiting abilities ensure that they always have a place in small to medium group play, along with RPs Blessing of Grugni (Blessing of Chaos for Zealots) and mobility. The only question is if there is any reason to take them over WPs in bombing warbands. Currently there is none (ok maybe 1 AM for insta rez). But this has been around since lauch and Mythic fixing the HG proc doesn’t mean that they’ll fix the disparity with healers aswell.

    Cheers and gl with your blog. 🙂

    • absolutely, and i completely agree with you that other healers do have their place. the unfortunate thing is that it seems to be limited to pve and smallscale encounters, with large scale combat being reserved to just two of the six healer careers. which is kind of sad.

      the one thing i’d like to mention is there’s a huge discussion going on in the official forum about this subject, and while some of my own theories have been disproved, nobody seems to have an answer to the fact that in an equal time period, it’s easier/more convenient to spam group heals, than to focus a single target.

      • Then the crowd discussing this must be a group of very ignorant players. Just by looking at TotD/KE cast time of 1.5 sec (cd) vs. 2.5 sec and the ease of RF/SE regen vs. AP regen tell you which wins every time. Not to mention medium vs. light armor. But I’m preaching to the converted I guess. It’s nice to see you indulge that crowd with actually testing and showing video footage as proof (though doubtless some will continue in their blind dilusions), so ignore me. 🙂

        There was a sensible suggestion at the Q&A transcript I read from Gaar (transcribed from your own recording) that equipping books should devalue WP/DoK armor down to light armor type. I had a similar thought in the sense of removing Discipline and replacing it with a version of Focused Offense that grants increased healing in exchange for reduced armor. Mythic seems to ignore any suggestion about this problem though. Together with their claim that bombing is not an issue and a prevalent tactic in group combat I fear that their metric data, or whatever they are looking at, is leading them astray. Sometimes I wonder if they play their own game. I chuckled when they said they don’t want players to be continuosly pressing the same button (it’s true TotD x2, Smite, TotD x2…).

        Anyways, I added your blog to my blogroll. Eventhough you clearly plagiarised the blog theme (seriously tho, there’s like 5 WAR bloggers that use this theme),

      • Well, there’s some merit to what they’re saying, due to the cooldown on totd/ke, it should be one cast per 2.5secs, however timestamps show (as well as my video) how inconsistant the cooldown is. sometimes it starts on cast, other times mid-cast, and other times at the end of the cast. so the timestamps show anywhere between 1.5 seconds, to 2.5 seconds between heals.
        as for the theme, i’m in the process of making my own, i just needed this one for now. though i’m pretty sure it links itself at the bottom of my blog anyway 🙂

  11. Great post. Lots of useful reviews here. I’m sending it to some friend!

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  13. This testing has left out (or ignored) some factors that dramatically influence those numbers: Tactics, gear and crit rate availability to name just a few.

    First, a properly spec’d, endgame AM/RP/Shaman/Zealot will ALWAYS have higher heal crit than a WP or Dok. How much so? If you look at just available gear and tactics, this should be around 10-12% more crit rate (tactics and purple ring from the city which isnt avail to WP/Doks). Keep in mind this disparity was even larger before they introduced the new RR gear. Before this, WPs/Doks had very few heal crit options with melee crit being on most everything. Back then, it wasnt uncommon to see my AM running with 20% more base heal crit over my WP and equal or greater Willpower.

    Second, WPs & especially Doks have subpar tactics and morales for pure, non-melee healing. This is my opinion only, but backed up by a hell of alot of combat healing experience. For example, most healers I know would kill to have the same tactic synergy that say my AM does:

    Master of Traquility + Desperation + Wild Healing + Discipline

    This is something the WP/Dok cant even touch.

    This doesnt mean that I do not believe WPs/Doks are the best all-around healers (in most non-premade-type situations I do). It just means that you cant look at these numbers and read them as the “truth”.

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