Eternal Citadel… a 6v6 scenario

Last night (actually… 1am for me) the CT’s, Dev’s and anyone who happened to be on the PTS at the time, started testing out the new 6v6 scenario: Eternal Citadel.

I have to say it was a lot of fun, and a huge improvement over the Ironclad for a number of reasons.

  • While you can still technically be spawncamped, it’s a lot more difficult due to randomised spawn locations.
  • You can’t hide in your spawn point.
  • You can’t heal through walls. In comparrison to the ironclad, at least.

Currently it’s in the testing stage, so considder this video a preview for those who weren’t around to test it. overall it feels solid, it’s got a fairly decent playing area and for the most part it’s just an all out slug-fest. I won’t go into detail about the scenario mechanics at the moment in case they change it. But i would say that of all the careers to suffer in this scenario, i think ranged-dps will have the most difficulty. There’s just very little room for kiting, it’s very “in your face”.

There’s also an epic pit of doom…

aaaand finally, i feel like i should apologise to the poor runepriest i picked on all night 😀

once again, this is still processing, and will be up to 720p shortly. sorry for the delay!


7 Responses to “Eternal Citadel… a 6v6 scenario”

  1. Good stuff!

    Nice to see another new WAR blogger. I’ve added you to my blogroll.

  2. brainwash Says:

    looks good. dont think i saw u use 8 bonus.. how good is it ?? Imo i think it to easy to CC and counter it.

    • i did use it, just not in the video, we ran about 6 different scens.

      it was… ok, nothing massively impressive, and yes one bubble and it’s pretty much useless.

  3. […] neue Produzentenbrief ist verfügbar und Bruglir und Mykiel haben Videos zum kommenden Event-Szenario online gestellt. FAQ, […]

  4. dok over Says:

    dok dps is over vs mele dps ¬¬ nerf DOK for 6vs6

  5. Vimes Imperiumsarmee…

    Während ich am Freitag nach einem UV-Raid den Rechner ausgeschaltet habe, war Erdknuffel und Co. noch auf dem Testserver: – Mythic Q&A Zusammenfassung @Erdknuffel – PTS Stresstest @Erdknuffel Neuer Produzentenbrief INC: Die Wilde Jagd-Instan……

  6. Nice video..but I think that this scenario is horrible.

    Tactics? None
    Place to position as a ranged Char (especially healer) .. None!

    Yeah..Melee-Chars will like it.

    The terrain is just .. too plain.

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