Forces collide…

So on the PTS right now, they’ve disabled friendly collission (note: you can still collide with players from the enemy realm). The performance change was very noticable, while it wasn’t tested with the same size force i’m used to seeing on my home server, it was still sizeable enough that you would usually see some lag, and juddering with abilities.

They’re keeping friendly collision disabled for the time being, so go check it out. there’s another stress test next week on saturday 7th at 01:00 GMT/ 02:00 CET. we had quite a few Euro players this week, let’s hope we get some more.

Also, Mykiel and i will be arranging a player run PTS event at some point, so keep checking back for info!


3 Responses to “Forces collide…”

  1. Hurray! I remember one of the early podcasts with the Hickman talking about how tanks would let their own side through a tank line but prevent the enemy from passing. I have always hated getting stuck in the middle of your own side players, like on stairs, and think about that podcast every time it happens.

    Let’s hope this makes it to live.

  2. StealthStalker Says:

    It sounds like a great idea, but in practice it could be quite devastating for smaller forces trying to defend keeps from larger ones.

    Imagine trying to defend a doorway, ramp, or gate when the enemy rush comes barreling through. Your AOE has a limit of 9 targets for most AOE spells, and you just wouldn’t be able to hit enough at the same time to effectively mow them down like you can currently.

    Would chalk another one up to bring a hell of a lot more people if you want to succeed.

  3. very good change

    now they need to make colissionos only for tanks so only they can block opponents (enemy players only blockable by tanks) = even less lag

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