It’s time to kill…

or is it?

I’ve got to be honest when i say that TTK in WAR never really concerned me… my main character is a disciple of khaine, and i’ve been melee for about… 78 of the 80 renown ranks that i have. I became rank 80 before the introduction of underdog points, i’ve never “leeched” a renown bonus knowingly (ie. i never flew from zone to zone to take the lock bonuses). I focused purely on premade scenario groups, and solo roaming. It was fun…

Now, shameless self-pimping aside, i’m aware this will generate a flood of “omg… dok are so op” statements, which is true in a sense, but no more true than “omg… WH are so op”.

That’s not what this post is about. This post is about Time To Kill. and while i never bothered with being too concerned with it before, i did see the overall effect. i saw it being rediculously low during the auto-attack stacking era with slayers, literally not needing to use skills, because their auto atticks hit so hard, and so often (19 hits within a couple of seconds… ouch!). this was changed pretty drastically, and a lot of classes saw at least a 20% decrease in their sustained damage, slayers taking a bigger hit than that.

And now to the changes in 1.3.6.

Some of them are somewhat controversial, others are well recieved. But popular or not, it’s worthy of discussion, and certainly sometimes it might help for people to see how they all tie in together.

The most controvercial:

Chosen/KoTBS Aura’s… or more specifically, their resistance aura’s have had their OUTGOING portion reduced by 50%. Now, a lot of Chosen players have begun to complain about this being a direct reduction to their damage, and in a sense it can be seen that way. Almost all of Chosen abilities are spirit based damage, and therefore reducing less resistance on opponents directly reflects on Chosen damage. However, this is an extremely positive step in terms of the overall game, as you’ll see damage from casters going down proportionately too (and you don’t see them complaining about it).

Zealots/Runepriests have had their mechanic almost entirely changed. with both good, and bad outcomes. specifically, they can switch between a healing, and a dps “mode”, and their stats are converted on a 2:1 basis to reflect it. what this means however, is that the way they play is entirely different, speccing for their single target stagger is more difficult, as it’s disrupted a lot more (i’ve seen reports of a 12% increase in being disrupted) unless they switch to dps mode. however in dps mode all of their hots will gain a much much lower contribution from willpower and crit, making the change somewhat dangerous.

some more positive changes:

Minimum range for squig herders and shadow warriors is now gone. that’s right they can shoot you in the face, from right in front of you!

Close Quarters has been entirely redesigned, and no longer gives a flat damage increase. every single player based ability just got a 25% damage reduction! Bomb squads will certainly suffer from this, combined with the aura changes it will make bombing (as it exists now) much more difficult. that’s not to say it won’t exist though! the NEW CQ mechanic is that you’ll gain a 50% reduction to cast times within 20 feet. so spells like shattered shadows, doombolt, and the brightwizard equivilents are going to see a significant boost in damage, essentially being able to cast two in the time you can currently cast one. A negative effect of this change is that all classes except BW/Sorc have seen most of their core lines reduced by this change. however they also get speccable tactics to replace it. so it’s not a total loss.

So, how does this come together?

CQ change + Aura change makes a HUGE reduction in damage from magic sources, in particular it affects pbaoe/bomb tactics the most. single target damage is likely to go up a little due to the new sovereign sets being well and truly overpowered compared to anything that’s previously existed in the game (really….). Even assist trains may find they’re dealing less damage due to the change too.

A big downside though, is that 5 piece tyrant for all healers has been reduced to a 25% reduction in cast times, from 50%. for clothie healers this is a huge deal, as it widens the gap between them and dok/wp all over again. on top of that, the dok/wp sovereign sets are by far and away the best we’ve seen. with unlimited resource gathering potential, and the ability to create rock solid “tank” builds. what you may find is that while overall damage has gone down, a lot of cloth healers might struggle to keep up again in comparison to their armoured companions.

anyway, i fear this may have turned into some kind of incoherant rambling. that’s what you get for staying up 36 hours and trying to make a blog post!

so how is TTK being affected from your point of view? let me know!


4 Responses to “It’s time to kill…”

  1. Kremerad Says:

    omg… dok are so op

  2. I’m worried the TTK disparity between clothies like me (Zealot) and everybody with medium armor and higher is going to be too large with the introduction of defensive sov sets. I’m farming armor frags on my magus in preparation and will finally be speccing up dark rites on my zealot to improve my resistance buff.

  3. brainwash Says:

    `”A big downside though, is that 5 piece sovereign for all healers has been reduced to a 25% reduction in cast times, from 50%” u do mean tyrant right?

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