Looks can be deceiving…

So with the advent of 1.3.6 we will be able to choose whatever combination of armour we wish to display to our realm mates. A few cool things can come from this, roleplay guilds could decide that their whole guild needs to wear the same armour pieces, dye colours, weapons etc. to give them an actual heraldric feel. It also let’s you somewhat personalise yourself.

So what will you choose to wear? currently i think i’m going with:

Sovereign; Chest, Belt, Boots, Cloak

Tyrant; Helmet, Gloves

Warlord; Shoulders

i may actually REALLY equip the warlord shoulders and run 7 piece sovereign due to the -crit% on the warlord shoulders… and could possibly change the chest piece if i can ever manage to find the conqueror and invader chests in this picture from mythic:


6 Responses to “Looks can be deceiving…”

  1. I don’t think we’re getting the new and improved armor skins as shown above … we will still have the old. From my tests on the PTS, you need to have the piece of armor to use it for appearance purposes. I still have my sets from Sentinel up so no worries. I was hoping for a vendor where we’d be able to pick and choose.

    For me it will be either Sovereign or Tyrant with perhaps some Invader — not much else is worth it. For BW’s … the Chest is the same for Sentinel and Warlord. And then the same for Conquerer, Dark Promise, and Invader (and this chest is lame looking).

    So honestly … the choices don’t seem as limitless as once promised. Unless I missed something on the PTS.

  2. you need to have the piece in your inventory in order to use it as an appearance, yes. and no, we’re not getting the redesigns, unfortunately. which is why i’m on the hunt for the conq/invader ones in the picture.

    if you have any information on them, please do tell!

    • I have no further info. It seems they indended to add the new armor skins that would be “gettable” by talking to a vendor to update your armor from the current look to the new. There were mixed reviews on the new armor so they wanted to ensure they could make everyone happy.

      I’m guessing this visual slot is the first step to the greater enhancement, which will be an option to convert current armor to a new look. I’ve looked at the before and after armor progressions for the classes and everyone faces the same issue … there’s little difference from armor to armor. Very lame.

      Everyone pretty much knows how cool Sovereign is … but it’s a long grind to be able to wear it. So those in-between sets should be cool, too. Right now … they’re far too homogenous, looking the same.

  3. Hah, I was thinking about almost the same looks, even the colors, but with the Tyrant boots instead. Love the Scorched brown, reminds me of some of the old concept art pics of the DoKs.

    Now i have to figure out something different 😦 cant run around looking the same… :p

    I like the Sov shoulders but hate the texture on the inside of em, all brown and ugly.

  4. I think they should add in the alternate armor graphics with a vendor like what they’re doing for the sov sets

  5. I just wish they would add them already. Been almost a year since they first teased us with them and thats long enough.

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