More PTS + Q/A sessions…

So we had another PTS stress test tonight, with some nice results, really nice numbers on each side just smashing into each other! after the fighting there was some vent feedback which i’ve recorded.

stress test feedback recording

After the PTS stress test, we had a Q+A session with the dev’s which i’ve also recorded, but need to edit slightly, as a troll decided to log on and play some rather loud movie clips with a lot of bad language! one of the most interesting answers from this Q+A session is that Shaman and Archmage AP drains are going to be directly mirrored one way or the other, with some other useful insights. i’ll have that recording up ASAP.

ok, edited it, i think i got all the spam out. when the recording jumps or misses a question/answer, it’s because of that. my apologies.

Q+A session

link is now working again, from my own FTP… which you guys managed to destroy the bandwidth limit on in under a day! GRATS!!!

so i’ve just bought a new host…


7 Responses to “More PTS + Q/A sessions…”

  1. bruglir sucks!!

  2. […] Feedback- und QA-Runde hat Bruglir wieder einmal Audio-Mitschnitte angefertigt die ihr auf seinem Blog abrufen könnt. Außerdem könnt ihr auf Gaarawarrs Blog mittlerweile die vollständige […]

  3. Bruglir doesnt suck….he just doesnt know how to dps.

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