Better performance at the cost of gameplay, and vice versa…

Right now there’s a bit of a debate going on about the friendly collision detection system being turned off on the PTS. i won’t go into too much detail myself (as i’ve blogged it before), but i will link to a current poll on the Bioware forum, and quote Sacrx’ entire entry here (he’s the one who started the poll). i wouldn’t normally do this, but i feel it’s important his voice be heard on this issue.

if you wish to post in the thread, or even don’t want to read it here and go straight to the source, here’s the link. and without further adeu, Sacrx:

“So here goes. i played both the PTS events and listened to the Q&A for both of them. anyone who played the PTS test will know the friendly collision was turned off. most had no idea and just played the game like they did every other day, it was only until Andy actually said most then found out or realized that it had been turned off. he then went on to say about performance increase after the first PTS test.

so people went back to there normal servers knowing this now etc. so now the next PTS test came the other night. a lot turned up and most probably then could relate to there old server having friendly collision and how it works to now being on the PTS knowing full well it was turned off.

the event was good. i think everyone now knows with friendly collision turned off the performance is better on the PTS. it will be better on live servers also but you cant really put % on it since some servers are way more populated or have bigger action than what was on PTS. but lets say for sure its 10-15% better.

the question Andy kept asking about gut feeling about the performance once we knew the friendly collision was turned off. everyone knew the answer cause the performance was better and that was not in doubt.

however when someone asked if friendly collision would go to 1.36 and being answered with the data we have found is good and most likely will be put on with 1.36. i was taken back since there had been no discussion about what it does to the complete game. we had only Andys question answered about what your gut feeling was at the time right after he just announced that it was actually removed.

so i am looking forward to hearing you opinions on this matter since it has not really been discussed much at all and now we hearing it may just be forced in with only our gut reaction on the matter no in-depth look at the overall picture of what it does to RVR as a whole.


there is only 1 – performance increase and some lag reduction but only tested on the PTS. not guaranteed to be same numbers from PTS. as i already stated it will defiantly be a performance increased of 10-15% for sure no matter what server on live. with most likely a bigger performance increase on the not so populated servers.


terrain – using terrain in combat will be made pointless and negated by the new friendly collision system. lets take for example. praag south of ms up the ramp. you have 2fg up top and 3/4x your number coming up. old system you can take them chunk by chunk of 1fg/2fg. and you can break the enemy after wiping out there frontline. now with the new system everyone just runs up and they are on you instantly within range. so a main tactic for fighting with less people vs more is all but pointless with the new system.

aoe targeting – aoe only hits 9 targets. when you are fighting 3/4x your own numbers aoe is the only way you are going to be able to kill that many people before they kill you. with the new system if everyone just stands on top of each other over 9 targets this is also negated by the new friendly collision. i am sure the devs said they want aoe to put pressure and single target to do the killing. this would be great in an ideal world. however this is not your game when it comes to orvr fighting more people with less numbers. which leads me to my next point. if your wanting to single target people…

targeting – when you play any form of rvr, you know from experience on your server or just in general what classes or a specific person you want to target within fights. with this new system everyone standing on top of each other makes that impossible.

positioning – when in combat your positioning will always be different on the situation. healers know not to be near the bomb or move out of range for spike. with this new system it removes a part of this.

for example. 2fg of order jump 1wb of destro from behind. knowing with a good jump most of there healers are at the back. a good burst and you can kill them before they react. the destro see this and turn the other way to face the order. in the old system with friendly collision most of the destro tanks will be now the wrong way around at the back. they then come forward but taking time to get around there friends to try save there healers. now being the ones in the front line. however with friendly collision off they just run directly threw everyone into the order. and visa versa with healers moving to the back instantly out the way. what this does is take some tactics and also reaction time out of game.

Less vs more – with the new system it just promotes more zerging which for a lot of people is boring, even thought my argument is based around 1wb vs zerg. the same cons apply to 100 vs 150. the extra 50 people being instantly on the 100 will be way to much damage for the outnumbered side to handle. where as before in a 100 vs 150 battle. its one wave at a time. not instantly crashing into each other cause you can run threw everyone on your own side.

i have created a poll i would love to hear your feedback on what you think about friendly collision but most important i would like you to vote.

Please vote here
thanks Sacrx.”


2 Responses to “Better performance at the cost of gameplay, and vice versa…”

  1. Thanks for the link, I will log in and vote on this after work.

    I have the exact same concerns… the loss of friendly collision is a huge blow to any kind of maneuvering tactics, and should NOT be done.

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