WP/DoK theorycrafting changes.

So anyway, a lot of discussion lately about the state of disciples and warrior priests, centered around the fact they are too good at backline healing and not good enough at lifetap healing. so i’ve written up a bunch of changes, and i’d love to hear your feedback! if we can make a strong enough design brief then hopefully we can get the developers to listen to it!

here it is, and here’s the thread for your feedback!

Disciple of Khaine/Warrior Priest design document.

Note – All changes here are first and foremost community and core tester suggestions, they are not endorsed or suggested by mythic unless stated so by an official mythic employee. As such, they are open to discussion and conjecture, but are in no way to be thought of as even in the developers minds until they say otherwise.

Furthermore, these changes are purely based on casted and lifetap healing, and are not related to, or in any way about any disparity between the two classes outside of the proposals set here.

Issues with current career performances:

  • Too potent casted heals.
  • Not potent enough lifetap heals (note, damage is fine, healing portion is not).
  • Too little risk while playing backline, not enough reward as frontline.
  • Promotes “one button” playstyle.


Section 1 – Causes of core issues.

  1. Passive resource regeneration allows for “easy” use of casted heals. Abusing the original design intent, making them too effective in the backline.
  2. Due to lifetaps healing on a 1:1 damage/heal ratio, high mitigation of damage yields too low heals.
  3. High armour value and fast cast times, aoe detaunt, and passive regen make for little risk compared to reward as a pure healer.


Section 2 – Perceptions, and misconceptions.

Quoting the original career descriptions:

As a Warrior Priest, your place is in battle. Your Righteous Fury grows as you strike down the enemy in Sigmar’s name, and your divine powers grow with Righteous Fury. Thus, to reach the peak of your power you must join in the fight. Your prayers bear the power of your god to take life, or give it back, but they are designed to compliment your melee capabilities. Your blessings bring powerful boons to those around you, but you must be close to the fight for your words to reach them. To do your job you must place yourself at risk, but it is in this risky position which you are most powerful.”

The Disciple of Khaine must be in close range of his opponent as he requires the blood of the enemy to enact his dark rites. As such, a Disciple is trained both with the blade and the dark arts, capable of weaving the two into a staggering blend of offensive and defensive power. In small fights, the Disciple is a master of shifting the balance of a fight; what they reap from their enemies they give to their allies. What was once an opponent’s strength will soon become their own.”

It’s clear from these descriptions that both careers were intended to be played in close quarters, however the reality is far from the intent.  The current perception is that both careers can heal better than the other healing careers in almost all situations, and that not only do they do it better, but they have greater survivability, and ease of use by comparison.

In order to change this perception, only a few changes need to be made. However, these few changes are drastic. And with that in mind would require a lot of testing and feedback. It should be noted that the mechanic itself of expending resources by casting heals, and gaining resources by using melee attacks would not be changed, only the rate of resource generation itself.

Further to this, changes to the mastery trees themselves would need to be made in order to compliment the changes, as well as changes to the way the abilities themselves work.


Section 3 – Resolving issues.

3.1 – Casted heals

Casted heals are an important part of the game, and this should not change. However, the method of delivery for casted heals as a disciple/warrior priest does need to change. So with that in mind here are the changes proposed for casted heals.

  1. All casted heals will have their base values reduced by 25% OR
  2. their cast times increased by 1 second across all heals.

In order for casted heals to remain viable, their delivery method is changed to accompany their downscale in potency.

  1. All casted heals base healing is increased by 10% per enemy within 30 feet. To a maximum of 50% OR
  2. All cast times are reduced by 10% per enemy within 30 feet. To a maximum of 50%.


3.2   – Lifetap heals

Currently, both careers deal proportionate damage to other classes, our damage is sustained over time rather than burst, which fits well with our role. However the healing portion of our lifetaps is just not good enough. An effective change to accompany the new casted heals would be:

  • The healing portion of all lifetaps is increased by 10% per ally within 30 feet. To a maximum of 50%
  • This bonus is addative to tactics and base values. So for example, Rend Soul could heal for up to 400% of damage dealt, and Consume Essence could heal for 150% of damage dealt, and 200% while using the Empowered Transfer tactic.
  • A tactic change in the mastery tree to allow all lifetaps to deal spiritual damage could help against high mitigation values, while leaving the pure dps tree (torture/wrath) as physical damage.



3.3   General changes

All chalices and books should be retooled from a passive regeneration rate, to a multiplier of resource regeneration ie; an uncommon book/chalice will regen 25% more resources from abilities, a rare book/chalice will regen 50% more resources from abilities, a very rare book/chalice will regen 75% more resources from abilities, and a mythic book/chalice will regen 100% more resources from abilities.

To accompany the changes to casted and lifetap healing, various changes should be made to both careers mastery trees.

Disciple of Khaine mastery changes:

  • Rend Soul and the Persistent Rending tactic should be moved to the sacrifice tree with Persistent Rending in the 11 point mastery slot. Persistent rending should be retooled to the following:

“Consume Essence, and Transfer Essence will now deal spiritual damage”.

  • Gift of Khaine being moved from sacrifice to the 11 point mastery in dark rites, and retooled to the following:

Your chance to be set back while casting any heal is reduced by 50%”.

  • Empowered Transfer will be moved to the 7 point mastery in the sacrifice tree.


Warrior Priest mastery changes:

  • Divine Assault, and the Divine Warding tactic should be moved to the Grace tree, with Divine Warding in the 11 point mastery slot. Divine Warding should be retooled to the following:

Divine Strike and Sigmars Radiance will now deal spiritual damage”.

  • Leading the Prayer should be moved to the 11 point mastery in the salvation tree, and retooled to the following:

Your chance to be set back while casting any heal is reduced by 50%”

  • Grace of Sigmar will be moved to the 7 point mastery in the grace tree.

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