Don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone…

For a long time people were “unhappy” with the service recieved from GOA regarding warhammer. they claimed GOA were responsible for poor server maintainance, bad customer service, and general lack of feedback from them.

So, Mythic have taken over the running of all EU servers, it’s been that way for probably 2 months or there about, and it’s been mostly ok. with the transitional hiccups gone it seems the servers are mostly smooth, although we still have horrid lag now and again. where the big differences are, though, are the places that really matter. and unfortunately that’s customer service…

Under Bioware-Mythic, we currently have:

  1. Average CSR response times of 8 days or more.
  2. No form of wildcard system
  3. Unwillingness to help (read more below)

Now, CSR response times with GOA weren’t the best. on average i could say (personally) that i got a response within 24 hours. sometimes i considdered it too slow, but usually it was ok. and compared to what we have now… well, it was an absolute blessing.

The wildcard system is sorely missed. Players used to have 3 wildcards per calendar year, what they could do with these cards was rectify a player made mistake, for example:

  • deleting a character could be undone using a wildcard.
  • rolling need on an item when you should have rolled pass could be undone, and the loot be moved to the player who really needed it. this would cost a wildcard.
  • deleting items or converting them down by misclicking could be undone, but each item would cost a wildcard to undo.

And then… there’s the unwillingness to help, this kind of goes hand in hand with the wildcard system. we know, as european players, who were used to having that service, that it is possible for a CSR to do just about anything in the game, whether it’s restoring a character, restoring an item, moving an item from one group member to another as long as they were in the same instance (yes, we know you can check that too). even so far as teleporting a group member to an instance if something has gone wrong, for example, trying to enter tovl, being ported to your race’s starting zone instead, and having lotd flipping to the enemy realm.

All of these things are within the power of CSR’s. but the response we get when asking for these things now we’re under Mythics care, is “sorry we can’t do that”. well… i’m sorry, but we know you can, you just don’t want to. and here’s the big issue. with the transfer to mythics service, we’re actually having to pay MORE than we did with GOA, but you’re offering us a lower customer service. it’s Mythics responsability to at least match what we are accustomed to. and so they should.

on a more positive note, my bloodlord chest dropped from bastion stairs, which means i can complete my appearance tab in the next patch! it consists of:

  • sovereign belt
  • sovereign cloak
  • warlord shoulders
  • tyrant helmet
  • tyrant gloves
  • tyrant boots
  • bloodlord chest

dyed a combination of dark red and chaos black.


2 Responses to “Don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone…”

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  2. your gamemaster did port you to totvl?
    well i had mayor bugs in totvl one time a not killed boss despawned, the other one was on boss 6 pq only 14 of 15 skelletons spawned, i got answer pretty quick both times, one time it was 1 hour the other one was one and a half hour, both to long imho for realy annoying stuff but anyway, i described what happend and they said “ah interessting, but i can do nothing for you”
    so we had to wait till players opend lotd for our side again and we could partyreset.
    well the “we cant do it” excuse is not mythic specific, if you had a gm that did not use it you had a huge amount of luck but for most players its simply business as usual to not receive help.

    realy sad but true

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