How close can YOU get?

so how close can YOU get to your enemies spawncamp before you pull the guards?


5 Responses to “How close can YOU get?”

  1. The behavior of the guards is..strange. (I try to be polite 😉 )…
    Sometimes they ignore everything .. so either some melees get really close to the spawn point
    Sometimes it’s enough that you sneeze and they come to kill you.

    It’s just ridiculous and I wished that they would guard the spawn point better, i.e. a well known border and same predictable behavior at similar circumstances.

  2. Lol yeah playing as destruction It’s always seemed our guards stand around practically offering Order a cuppa while the Order guard RAGE if you so much as look at them and then chase us half way across the map! Especially in Reikland factory where I’ve personally seen them chase us all the way to our spawn point and only stop when our guards took them out! Is it as bad the other way round?

  3. Yeah.. I think this is balanced as the guards in both camps behave strangely 😉

    At least that chasing in Reikland Factory should now be less with the patch 1.3.6… I would guess that they now hardly move out of the camp and you can be killed right in front of them 😉

  4. Great post. 🙂

  5. Zaknarakh Says:

    Blackfire Basin –
    Order: Ranged Guards, outside wall.
    Destro: Melee Guards, inside wall.

    Serpents Passage –
    Order: Ranged Guards, long range.
    Destro: Ranged Guards, placed behind wall, very short range.

    Reikland Factory –
    Order: Ranged Guards placed below slope in a wide range, slope working in favor to order to knock down destro.
    Destro: Ranged Guards placed near spawn, no slope.

    Lost temple of Isha –
    Order: Ranged Guards, you cant go past the passage. Order can stand behind tree within guardrange and dps.
    Destro: Ranged Guards, you can pass by the warcamp.

    Nordenwatch –
    Order: Slope that you can be knocked downwards to guards, ranged.
    Destro: No slope, low range on guards, you can reach destro portal before dieng.

    BFP & CW = Balanced.
    Conclusion: Most SC’s work in favor to Order when it comes to guards.

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