More citadel please!

so yesterday was the launch of the new eternal citadel scenario! i only got to record a couple of fights because… well you’ll see why in the video. so while the afformentioned “event” took place i just cut together very quickly and crappily, a small video of those first few fights. i’ll be recording more over the weekend to make a proper video. oh, and youtube decided i couldn’t have the music track i originally chose, so i had to replace it with one of theirs… douchebags =/

now… i want this scenario to be  a permanent feature of the game, i know a lot of you do, too. so let’s make our voices heard!


2 Responses to “More citadel please!”

  1. Great fun that scenario, and I must say your premade was a very challenging opposition for the set-up we had yesterday.

    Looking forward to seeing more clips from you.

    So long,
    Trajano (FiW)


    That’s one of the worst scenarios this game has ever offered. Imo it’s plain boring and there is absolutely no tactical element in this game.. I hope that those kind of scenarios will never be a permanent feature.

    6vs6 ..yes, please. Eternal Citadel .. no way.

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