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new weapons and armour on pts…

Posted in Warhammer Online - General on October 20, 2010 by bruglir

So they’ve uploaded the new scenario weapons to PTS, interestingly, the first set will start at rr81 requirement, the second at rr95, and the last at rr100.

the RR100 weapons seem to be the “old” rr80 king weapons that were removed at some point, the names are all the same, the stats are slightly different though, and more importantly, they don’t have any procs… weird! also… 4SE regen on an rr81 chalice? bug i think…

here’s the first set

the second set

the third set

the new armour sets are on there too, available from the same vendor as sovereign weapons, they appear to cost royal crests too… so i’m unsure as to how and where you’ll be able to obtain these sets… are they adding them to the city bags? HMMMMM!!!!


About guard…

Posted in Warhammer Online - General on October 8, 2010 by bruglir

Ok, let me just start by saying that i’m disabling comments on this post ONLY, because there’s already a pretty focused discussion here

Currently, on the PTS, guard requires a shield. this has caused a very heated discussion, with a lot of resistance from tanks in general, seeing this as a direct nerf to them. in actuality i don’t believe it is. now, try to bear in mind this is purely my own opinion, and as such it’s subjective and open to criticism as seen in the above link.

the reasons why i don’t think 2handed tanks should be allowed to guard:

  • they lose very little utility
  • they lose very little survivability
  • they gain a considderable damage increase (although, not as much burst as a true dps class)
  • but more importantly, they have the combined utility, sustained damage, survivability for themselves, AND they make an opportunity for true dps classes to lose their “risk” factor.

Currently, the majority of dps classes have some form of risk vs reward. whether it’s an in-built mechanic, such as slayers/choppas taking 50% more damage (losing half their armour/resists) when berserk – dealing 50% more damage. or bright wizards/sorcs gaining 100% more crit damage, at the cost of having backlash chances and wearing robes.

having guard applied to these classes causes the risk factor to be completely ignored, they gain the maximum benefit of their mechanics damage bonus, but recieve none of the extra damage they were supposed to take in that state. now, i’m not entirely opposed to that. what i’m opposed to, is 2 handed tanks being able to provide that level of bonus to a dps class, while dealing decent, sometimes amazing damage themselves, AND keeping the majority of their utility. that just doesn’t fly with me.

unfortunately along with this change there is likely to be some collatoral damage. swordmasters are the ones who’ll be hit the hardest, being that they were designed to run 2 handed. that’s not to say a few ability changes can’t fix it though. i’d love to see swordmasters with a mirror to crippling strikes.

let’s not forget, also. that along with these changes to guard, we’re seeing multiple renown abilities introduced with the sole aim of increasing time to kill. abilities like:

  • Trivial Blows – Level 1: -5% critical damage received, Level 2: -15% total received, Level 3: -30% crit damage received, 30 points CUMULATIVELY (for all three). Level 4 is -50% crit dmg received.
  • Regeneration – Level 1:  10 point cost, +35 hp regen (how often is not specified). Level 2 is 15 more points, 70hp regen, 3 is 20 more, 140 regen.
  • Hardy Concession Damage dealt reduced by 1%, as is damage received. Level 5 is -15% cumulatively.

A dps class could sacrifice 110 of their main damage stat (10.1dps on abilities, 5 dps on auto attacks), and gain a whopping 30% reduction in critical damage, and that’s just talking about a few of the renown abilities. they wouldn’t even need to be guarded with that!

so what this all essentially boils down to, is risk vs reward. currently there’s maximum reward for very little risk, by running a 2 handed tank guarding a full dps class. by removing guard from 2 handed tanks, group setups will need to be changed, to either include utility based 2h tanks (as i said earlier, some abilities may need switching), which deal nice damage, and are tough to take down. or run a shield based guard tank, and lose a little burst damage.

either way TTK is increased, so it’s a good change. however, you can make your voice heard, and vote here!

have a nice day, see you all on the PTS!