new weapons and armour on pts…

So they’ve uploaded the new scenario weapons to PTS, interestingly, the first set will start at rr81 requirement, the second at rr95, and the last at rr100.

the RR100 weapons seem to be the “old” rr80 king weapons that were removed at some point, the names are all the same, the stats are slightly different though, and more importantly, they don’t have any procs… weird! also… 4SE regen on an rr81 chalice? bug i think…

here’s the first set

the second set

the third set

the new armour sets are on there too, available from the same vendor as sovereign weapons, they appear to cost royal crests too… so i’m unsure as to how and where you’ll be able to obtain these sets… are they adding them to the city bags? HMMMMM!!!!


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