Community Effort

this is a call out of sorts.

since WARDB went down, very few people have made the effort to put together a new site, and of those few, one stands out the best.

Rancidmilk has been busting his hump to create a couple of nifty, non-intrusive addons. you just drop them into your chatbox, type a command, and upload a file when you’re done. so far a very generous list of armour and weapons has been generated by the public, but now he needs help with the real gritty stuff, the mastery trees.

it’s a very simple process, so i urge everyone to contact and he’ll guide you through the process! or check out his blog for more info.


One Response to “Community Effort”

  1. ^ This. Rancid has done an awesome job getting both his WARdrobe and Career Builders online to help us all out with gear builds and ability info. He’s missing just a handful of classes to round out the career builder, so please head over and help him out. All it takes is a quick respec and a few moments of nakedness.

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