new warpforged armour set appearances!

Be warned, the image sizes are pretty big in their raw form, just click them below for the larger versions.

seems black orc shoulders are a bit bugged too.


11 Responses to “new warpforged armour set appearances!”

  1. […] But anyway here are screenshots of the new Shaman armor so make your own minds up, if you would like to view the looks of all other career both Order and Destruction then go check out Bruglir’s new post. […]

  2. freakystyler Says:

    Not really impressed aye… the only thing I can see positive is a IB helm with horns and nice looking weapons.

  3. All I have to say is, all the chaos sets are awesome looking… the rest… I have to admit many of the helms are simply the best part of the sets; the rest in question are kind of “meh.” Looking foreward to the Doomflayer pics.

  4. […] Bruglir Megosztás / Könyvjelző var a2a_config = a2a_config || {}; a2a_localize = { Share: "Share", […]

  5. […] be commended for the great job they did. In the meantime, one of my fellow Bloggers, Bruglir, has pics of a lot of the armor sets. The files are big, so practice […]

  6. […] uploaded some Warpforged armour set images HERE, directly from the PTS. I know that I will definitely NOT wear the WL helmet, otherwise I would […]

  7. […] 11.11.10Von erdknuffel – 11. November 2010Verfasst in: KurznachrichtenBlogosphäre:Bruglir hat eine Übersicht der neuen Rüstungssets veröffentlicht.Gaarawarr gibt einen Überblick über […]

  8. It’s nice to see them posted up. Thanks Bruglir.
    I figured there are a few others like me who play female BGs and I noticed we have the lovely floating belt bug.
    But, they’re decent overall. Thanks again Bruglir!

  9. […] Rogo for the White Lion sets. WL’s get screwed again. And for an overall surveyance stop by Bruglir’s Blog as he has posted pics of all the Warpforged […]

  10. warhammer forgeworld gamesworkshop models…

    […]new warpforged armour set appearances! « Bruglir's Blog[…]…

  11. “new warpforged armour set appearances! Bruglir’s Blog” was indeed a delightful post, can not help but wait to read alot more of your blog posts. Time to spend numerous time online lol. Thanks for your time -Dong

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