more interesting developments.

well, after reading some forum posts, and some people “just not getting it”. even so far as calling me stupid, and a noob and stuff, for only factoring in KE as a spell, saying that a good dok prehots, and uses other abilities… well that’s cool and all, so i figured i should probably just, you know… factor those in too.

what i’ll do now, is calculate everything over a period of 15 seconds, as that’s how long our longest hots last. we’ll see how quickly we run out of SE shall we?

Khaines Vigour

  • 40 SE cost
  • instant cast
  • 15 seconds duration
  • 10 seconds cooldown

Restore Essence

  • 55 SE cost
  • 0.5 second cast
  • 5 seconds duration
  • no cooldown

soul infusion

  • 30 SE cost
  • instant cast
  • 15 seconds duration
  • no cooldown

soul shielding

  • 40 SE cost
  • instant cast
  • 10 seconds duration
  • no cooldown

khaines embrace

  • 60 SE cost
  • 1 second cast
  • no cooldown

for the sake of argument we’ll say that the dok in question has yet to enter combat, sees an enemy group coming, and decides to act. he prehots the group with KV. then places 2 hots onto the groups main assist as he’ll be in first, and then pops his group bubble to try and help against that initial hit. after that he can start using KE to pop out some group heals. now, try to remember that CURRENTLY, all of these instant cast abilities could have been used while KE was on cooldown. but now there is no cooldown, and you will have a choice between using a global cooldown on another instant cast hot, or casting another KE. currently if you cast an instant, the GCD would be over just before KE’s cooldown allowing you to chain cast things.

now it’s different. i’ll use an image to display the new timeline for all this.

now we just have to pray to the gods that we’re all in full sovereign, and that we don’t need to change to other armour types later on in order to keep up with the gear curve. even full sovereign will struggle past the 15 second mark.


8 Responses to “more interesting developments.”

  1. While the darker part of myself does glee over the nerfing of these 2 classes as something that shouldve been done when chalice/books got RF/SE regen, It seems silly that they are taking away the viable heal from the classes and replacing it with nothing in the interim. Mythic should have started slow with reducing the stat contribution to what it should be and moving the AoE detaunt to melee heal tree swapping it with the current 11 point tactic.

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  3. Yes, this changes the Dark Rites DoK’s tactics a bit, but I use the Golden Eye of Rah-Nutt melee absorb pocket item and the tactic Fueled Actions. During the pocket item’s cool down, I use Terrifying Vision and the Terrifying Aura tactic.

    The unfortunate part of this is that nothing is being done to make the melee DoK more viable in T4. I don’t see where they are useful until very high renown ranks.

  4. Bruglir, it seem that you are forgetting that Supplication/Blood Offering (or whatever the mirror is) gives the first tick of RF/SE instantly. So it can be used in a rotation for 1 GCD if you are in need of RF/SE. Just throwing that in.

  5. 3 things from a fellow DoK/WP to another:

    1- I’m not convinced, short of going to make a video of it to prove it, that the SE/RF from book/chalic and Sov gloves/jewel are generating that extra 14 a second during the 1 sec cast of the group heal. You shouldn’t be getting that 14 in those cast times. So from 6.5 seconds to 11 seconds, I think you are missing about 56 SE. I’ll have to test again tonight with the rezzing feature to prove it, but natural regen from those items should be delayed when in cast mode.

    2- I think your Sov Proc is Procing far too often and perfectly for your example. This an absolute the best case scenario. To get that proc on the first heal, and then subsequently again after its done. Maybe that was your point, can’t tell. But you’d be hells lucky to get the Sov proc that often and that quickly. I think in most cases, 75% of the time actually, you would have exhausted your SE pool at 8 seconds, having to Lash 2 abilities earlier, getting maybe 2 more heals before having to use another SE regen ability. The 15 seconds is probably right, it just should probably have 1.5 less heals in it.

    3- This is only examining the change to group casting. We don’t yet have insight into the changes of the other single cast abilities. The front end of casting sequence could be very differnent when we get there.

    Blaq is right, and besides that you have the AOE knockback to get you some more SE/RF.

    I like what your displaying, whether or not it was your intention, that if you aren’t actively trying to get punched in the face or doing other things to manage your SE/RF, your not going to do much for too long. And with a high enough nerf to the group heal value, it might not be much at all in that time.

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  7. Hey Bruglir 😀 Mind your chicken gesture next time

    i got a suitable link for you :D:D

    have a nice day
    – Krein / Norn

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