your dream 1.4.1 patchnotes…

So after seeing this post on the official WAR forums. I thought about it and thought pretty hard. And decided that of course, anything I suggested would ultimately not happen, but it would still be fun to type up a
bunch of “fake” patch notes anyway.

Just to see people’s reactions and stuff.

It also turned out to be much much longer than I could have posted on the official forum. So I decided to make a blog post about it. Try to bear in mind i don’t know every career inside out, so some careers i’ve
deliberately missed off just because i don’t know enough about them, and if i’ve added a career that i don’t know much about, it’s quite probably down to “peer pressure” and reading up on the various complaints.

Here goes!

General RVR changes:

  • Siege weapons, and rams are now affected by your
    realms AAO bonus. They will now deal between 100% damage at 0 AAO and 400%
    damage at 400% AAO.
  • Scenario queues have changed! if you are
    queueing as a group, you will now only fight other groups.
  • All warcamps will now have two (2) rank 55
    champions at their exits.
  • Scenario guards now have a 200ft aggro range,
    will only use ranged attacks, and cannot move (they will not wipe an entire
    group if they are out of 200ft).

General balance changes:

All armour careers have had soft caps implemented on their
armour and resistance values.

  • Light armour, and robes will now soft cap at 30%
    with the soft cap on resistances increased to 50%
  • Medium armour and medium robes will now soft cap
    at 55% with the soft cap on resistances increased to 45%
  • Heavy armour careers will now soft cap at 70%
    with the soft cap on resistances remaining at 40%.

Bright Wizard and sorcerer mechanics have changed, they will
no longer have a chance to receive backlash damage. Instead they will have a
scaling incoming heal debuff applied to them.

  • At 20 mechanic, 5% heal debuff
  • At 40 mechanic, 10% heal debuff
  • At 60 mechanic, 15% heal debuff
  • At 80 mechanic, 20% heal debuff
  • At 100 mechanic, 25% heal debuff
  • this heal debuff can be applied on top of
    others. So a second incoming heal debuff would reduce incoming heals to 37.5%
    at full mechanic.

Career changes:

Disciple of Khaine

  • Rend Soul has been moved to the sacrifice tree
  • A single target, channelled heal has been added
    to the dark rites tree. It is classed as “fragile”, and is almost always
  • Lifetaps will now have their multipliers
    increased by the amount of soul essence in their resource pool.


  • The hollow-points tactic will now give you an
    additional 15% armour penetration. But you will not gain additional damage as


  • The chaos unleashed tactic will now allow you to
    ignore 10% of your targets resistances instead of gaining a critical chance


  • All abilities may be used regardless of your
    mutation. However if an ability is not designed for the mutation you have, it
    will have a 75% reduction in damage.

Shadow Warrior

  • All abilities may be used regardless of stance. However
    if an ability is not designed for the stance you are in, it will have a 75%
    reduction in damage.
  • The enchanted arrows tactic will now give you an
    additional 15% armour penetration, but will no longer ignore resistances.

Squig Herder

  • The clever shootin’ tactic will now give you an
    additional 15% armour penetration, but will no longer grant you an AP bonus.


  • Shatter Limbs has been changed and will now debuff outgoing heals by 50%


  • The vauls buffer tactic has been changed. it will now cause Dragons Talon to hit up to 8 additional people around your target.

Warrior Priest

  • Divine Assault has been moved to the grace tree.
  • A single target channelled heal has been added
    to the path of salvation, it is classed as “fragile” and will almost always be
  • Lifetaps will now have their multipliers
    increased by the amount of righteous fury in their resource pool.

White Lion

  • Echoing Roar has been changed, and will now increase the cooldown of all abilities by 5 seconds, to your target and all allies within 30 feet.

Witch elf

  • For every point of frenzy, you will gain 3% more
    armour penetration.
  • Agonizing wound will now ignore 3000 armour,
    instead of 100%

Witch hunter

  • For every point of accusation, you will gain 3%
  • more armour penetration.
    Torment will now ignore 3000 armour, instead of

6 Responses to “your dream 1.4.1 patchnotes…”

  1. Ok, most of this I agree with, generally, but there are a few things:

    Siege Weapons: It may be better to consider having their hit points scale according to AAO rather than damage dealt. Kind of a toss-up though.

    Scenario groups: Fine, as long as it only gives preference to queueing with other groups,and doesn’t break the pop altogether if there are no other groups queueing.

    Armor: this would be interesting… values might have to be adjusted live, but would be interesting to see it!

    BW/Sorc mechanic: Cool!

    Marauder/Shadow Warrior: Are you sure you don’t mean that damage is reduced by 25% when using abilities outside your mutation? Reduced by 75% means you are only doing 25% damage… that seems a bit ridiculous to the point where you wouldn’t bother. To be honest though, I have neither class so I don’t know if there are appropriate utility abilities you may want to use anyway.

    WE/WH: I generally agree, even playing a WE as my “main alt”. There is no excuse for me being able to ignore the armor of a HEAVY ARMOR class. We’re built to kill squishies… and should be oriented that way.

    Overall though, this would be interesting to see live.

    For my own pet class:

    Embrace the Warp has had its cooldown reduced from 3m to 1m.

    (There are other things I’d like to see done to Zealots, but this is the only thing I can think of that is generally agreed upon and should have been done long ago, with minimal overall impact.)

  2. Rook Frjosa Says:

    Actually, I think it’s a pretty cool array of changes, I’ve not been playing WAR since September~ish, so I’m all kinds of ‘out of the loop,’ but I especially like the Melee-Healer (do they still call it that?) changes, especially with the resource mechanics, but I remember talking about that with you and several others on the forums, ages ago. Still a cool idea by all means.

    A few things to consider though:
    -Resist caps should be higher generally, with the tanks being at about 50%, the mediums at 60%, and the Lights at 70% andd just adjust the numbers based on damaging abilities, not mitigation. But even so, armor/resist caps should be based on archetype (or even individual class) and not armor-class.
    You know what? Tank/Medium/Squishy classes should have their own classes of armor altogether, like it should be considered ‘plate armor,’ where as the mediums would have ‘mail,’ and the lights would have…I don’t know, ‘bare ass.’ then get rid of the caps and make the actual class of the armor determine how effective it is at mitigating against incoming damage). Tanks will obviously have the most readily available armor in higher quantities and the shield should also have a LARGE ‘plate armor’ value tacked onto it so that a def. spec tank will pretty much require the shield to make the whole ‘not dying so quickly’ thing work, and you avoid that whole stupid invincible tank guy waltzing around with the 2H weapon mowing down everyone who comes within striking distance (even if it still takes 3 minutes for him to kill anything). You won’t see Slayers bouncing about with insane amounts of armor taking less damage than your BG, and DoK/WP will be [lol] finally “beatable.”
    Example: damage is handled like as it currently is, but if you have 2000 armor, now it’s like 45.5%, so instead, that armor value will be like so:
    Light armor: 2000 ‘bare ass’ = 45.5%
    Medium armor: 2000 ‘mail’ = 30.3%
    Heavy armor: 2000 ‘plate armor’ = 15.2%
    and each class will not be soft capped

    now when you penetrate a certain amount of armor, it’s far more effective against a soft target (lol, you penetrate ‘bare ass’) than against a heavy target. The amount of armor penetrated will be a flat amount, as current, but generally much lower than the current amounts, so if an ability penetrates 1000 armor, that’s only like 7% getting through on a tank, but on a squishy, it’s about 23%, so it’s far more useful on the softer targets.

    -address Books/Chalices with resource issues.
    -I don’t [didn’t] ever really mess with Sieges and the weaponry all that much, so it’s all out of my scope.
    -I like the BW/Sorc changes, just like as with the WP/DoK ideas, actually integrating the mechanic into the class in a way that makes it matter = involved and complex gameplay = good.
    -Witch Elf/Hunter: AW/Torment should probably ignore 1500-2000 armor, but it all depends on if the armor/resistance caps are altered or not.
    With soft caps in: I’d say make it 1500
    With no soft caps: bump it up to 2000~ish, but not much higher than that.

    This way our tanks can do that, tanking, and not have to worry about taking a sword/dagger enema from a rogue class as much.

    –Anyway, whatever I don’t comment on, I either don’t really know about, or I think it’s cool.

  3. Armor soft cap at 30% for robes is way too low. I’m running around 40% without armour pot so it would just be ridiculous.

    Oh and where’s the Gobbo Lovepatch? Buff shamans, not WPs/DoKs. It’s their time to be the anti-fotm healers.

  4. Shadowstorm Says:

    So let me get this straight. You want to remove Shatter Limbs, orders only cooldown debuff, and leave destruction with two single target cooldown debuffs and an AoE one as well? Not a lot of destruction players remember that both black orks AND choppas have a single target variant in addition to the squig herder’s AoE version.

    Secondly, while finally being able to use everything in a shadow warrior’s arsenal regardless of stance is nice, where’s the value in their stance mechanic? Squigs still provide a great deal of utility and added damage to the herder, and shadow warriors get almost nothing by comparison.

    Finally, I’d laugh hysterically at my divine strike getting a 400% return on damage. You’d have to kill me in the duration of a disarm, cause I’d be able to heal myself to full in 2 swings.

  5. Its a huge nerf for bw/sorc. Incoming heal debuff is not a good idea. (Except when the bw/sorc will be naturally immune to all other heal debuffs).
    Also its a huge nerf for slayer and sw.

    But the worst thing is the mirroring the classes. Why? I cant understand why u want mirroring the destro/order classes.
    At the end it will be irrelevant which side do u play….the only thing is that the chosen look better than the kotbs.

    My suggestions:

    If u want to disappear the bomb squads, than change the all the mastery trees for the bw-s and sorceress.
    For example remove all close combat spells, and replace them longe range (and larger cast time) spells. The damage percent of the spells will be equal to the range. (for example 100 feet range=100% dmg, 20 feet range=20%) Add long range aoe spells (with 2-3 sec cast time) on the third mastery tree which have pretty good cc-s. (2 sec aoe knockdown, knockback, initiative debuff, medium knockback or something).
    Now u have long range glasscannons instead of close range bombers)

    The shadow warrior needs the buffs:
    – all bows should be a great weapon (with the stats changed)
    – add dual wield (equip 2 swords, and fight in melee with the second mastery tree)
    – move acid arrow to a core ability

    Squig herders bows, and spears also should be a great weapon.

    – They should give somehow a ranged auto attack ability to the magus.

  6. Here i se stuff i really like. BW/Sorc mechanic change would be really nice. 1: They would be able to solo alot easier.
    2: They would be alot squishier under preasure. Backlash is just to easy to outheal unlike Choppas/Slayers wich pay alot higher price when they stay on full CM.

    The SW changes are terrible. SW are fine just the way they are except one thing. They should get DPS bonus from Bow just like melee get from sword/axes. This go for SH Engie and Magus aswell. (It’s a Magus of Tzeenetch it’s supose to the one of the moast powerfull magicians in Warhammer ofc their staff grants dps weapon bonus)

    I know this change is comming but Divine Assault/Rend Soul in a dps mastery tree without tweaking the abillty will make this class WAY to powerfull. It heals for around 3-3.5k in total with avarge amount of dps bonus. add mastery lvl to that and it will be up to 5-6k self heal every 5sec. If they do add it to grace/sacrifice tree i hope they tone down the heal effect of it.

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