the patch that could have changed everything…

This is going to be a long read, brace yourselves!

patch 1.4 can be seen as a success, or failure. it succeeded in some areas, and failed in others. the ideas were good but the execution is seen as very poor. and to top it all off, many players are just getting fed up of so many little things that they become big things. so i’ve come up with some things that could change it all… i won’t pretend to think i know better than anyone, at the end of the day i still enjoy the game, but i just believe it could be better than it is. and i want to see WAR have the glory it deserves.

I’m sure there will be many people who would disagree with me, and that’s fine. That’s their right, that’s their prerogative. All I ask of people, who DO disagree with me, is that they be constructive in their feedback of this.

I should also, probably foreword this by saying it’s extremely unlikely any of this will come to pass. At the end of the day I’m just another player, and I have hope that WAR can be “better” than it already is. As such, the majority of this is based on personal opinion, and although I’ve consulted many (many many) other people about it, it remains my opinion alone.

That said. If you do agree with it, fantastic, let’s try to publicise it as much as possible, and see if mythic listen and implement some of the things we’re talking about!

Problems with the game (perceived or otherwise):

Only 10% of the games total content is available to tier 4

You read that correctly… once a player moves up through the games tiers, they lose access to the previous one. By the time you reach tier 4, that’s 3 whole tiers (75%) gone. Of that 25% that’s left, roughly 60% of the remaining play areas are PVE. Bearing in mind that this is a PVP game, advertising huge open world rvr combat, that’s a real shame.

Casual players constantly fighting hardcore players, and vice versa.

This is probably one of the biggest problems. It goes far
beyond such issues as gear which is easily available and renown which can be
gained by all, in time. Casual players feel they have “no place” in the game,
currently. As there is no safe haven for them to play in.

Career balance.

The rock paper scissors mechanic is pretty broken. Along with every career having too much of everything. Every career feels like it should be a one man army, and very few TRULY rely on group play to be at their best effect. Having realm mirrors that are non-identical is fine, I encourage it. But at least try to build around the fact that everyone must have a weakness, or that they should rely on something other than themselves to be the most effective. Not to mention the obsolescence of some careers down to such simple things as potions. Having a career or careers become “useless” because their primary roles can be replaced by a purchasable item is not a good thing.

Strength in numbers.

I fear this problem is persistent in all games, not just WAR. More numbers = more wins. Blobbing/zerging is prevalent. But not just because of career balance, or even the mindset of players. Part of the problem lies in the ease at which a huge number of players can move from one place to another in good time.

Possible solutions, and reasoning behind them:

Widen the rvr lakes in tier 4.

There is really NO reason not to do this. All that would need to be done, is reduce the number of pq’s, or even keep them there but alter them to be rvr pq’s, and change the chapter camps into battle objectives. It’s really not that complicated a solution, but it works on multiple levels.

Firstly, it stops a large group from being able to be everywhere at once (or at least get from one place to another in a short period of time). This would have more effect on separating the zerg than any other change. Because a smaller force would be able to take any given point, and know that if the enemy were all blobbed up on one spot, the likelihood of them getting to that point in time is slim. It promotes actual skirmish combat, which is what players want.

And secondly, it allows players to utilize a larger area of the game world that is currently just… not being used.

Change the tier brackets to function on renown ranks instead of career ranks.

  • Tier 1 = rr0-19
  • Tier 2 = rr15-39
  • Tier 3 = rr35-59
  • Tier 4 = rr55-100

This would give players a much closer bracket of competition with each other. It allows a larger portion of the game to be played for a longer period of time. Currently players can ascend through all 40 career ranks in under a week. Which leaves months, possibly years (in my case) of playing through tier 4’s same old same old content over and over again. A secondary reason for this is the stat difference between annihilator and warlord, is much much smaller than the difference between warlord, sovereign, and the new doomflayer/warpforged sets.

Change scenario queuing system.

Group queues, where possible, should only ever fight other group queues. this would GREATLY aid the pug vs premade problem. pugs are largely built of casual players, but if they’re constantly rolled over by premade groups who literally do nothing but spawn camp for 15 minutes, ignoring objectives in favour of renown. those casual players will just stop playing. I recognise completely that pugs SHOULD get rolled by premades, however what also needs to be recognised is that there MUST be an outlet for casual players. leave the open rvr zones for the pug vs premade fights, but at least give pugs the sanctuary, and premades the competition, of decent scenario queuing.

Give the general careers an overhaul

This is an important point, and not one to be taken lightly. I’ve put a lot of thought into how this should work, looking at the current careers, their current roles (or lack their of) and tried my best to come up with something that actually compliments the original intention of “rock < paper < scissors < rock” idea.

Firstly, potions need to stack with regular buffs. Having utility careers who’s utility is well… useless, because a simple, purchasable in bulk potion can over-write it, is just not on. However, an important amendment to that statement is that they should ONLY stack with GROUP buffs. Players should not be able to drink a strength potion, and then buff their own strength on top of that.

Secondly, debuffs… let’s talk about them. Why do so many careers have access to so many of them? Especially careers who deal more damage than anyone else having just as many debuffs. It’s not fair and it’s not right, so let’s revise it…

  • Tanks will now have access to heal debuffs. Incoming debuffs will be limited to 2handed spec lines, outgoing debuffs will be limited to sword + shield spec lines.
  • Melee dps will have access to resistance debuffs.
  • Magic ranged dps will have access to armour debuffs.
  • Physical ranged dps will have access to resistance debuffs.
  • Healers will have access to cleanses, and incoming heal
  • Utility careers (magus/engie) will have access to both
    armour, and resistance debuffs, but with lower delve values than others. They
    will also have access to outgoing heal buffs, as well as group damage buffs.

This system is designed so that no one career can excel on its own. To get the most out of any given career, you need another to compliment it. It allows a lot more freedom to create groups of different setups, with different things in mind. But penalises you for taking a cookie cutter setup every time, because someone else will always find a new setup that beats it.

General mechanic changes to “hybrids”.

  • Guard – guard can only be used with a shield. However there
    will be a tactic in all tanks 2h mastery trees which grant them a 15% outgoing
    damage bonus.
  • Divine fury – this tactic will be changed so that any healer who uses it will no longer be able to resurrect a fallen ally.

The reason for those two changes is fairly simple… the combination of guard on a 2 handed tank + a dps careers, is just too great. However, tanks do need a trade off for losing guard. Similarly, healers who want to spec dps should lose their “main” healing ability, of being able to resurrect people.

And finally, I guess… fix melee healing!

That’s all for now, I’m sure I’ll have more to say soon. Cheers.

forum post here, please post.


6 Responses to “the patch that could have changed everything…”

  1. Personally I would like them to bring the fort zones back, rather than expand the zone. But instead you would take bo’s like in the city, but a little diffrent so that the zone can be pushed back. Also it would be just another zone to lock rather than the old version of forts. They can still use the fort but the bo’s as they are taken (ie by npc mob siege) holes appear in the walls stopping funneling. Also they sud move renown back to bo’s rather than leechable from wc.

  2. If we wanted to stop zergs, killing the warband would be a major step. Make the largest unit the group.

    Yes you would have zergs still, but they would be harder to organise.

  3. Konfuzfanten Says:

    For me the main/only real reason why WAR is failing is the gear gap.
    The solution: remove the renown requirement from Sov and down and later doomflayer. The top rr’ers will still have an edge because of renown abilites but the gear wouldnt be a huge issue.

    • owned unaware r80+ with my rr 45 engi, you progress via gear a little but this is not wow, you are not unbeatable by enough gear,
      exept the def souv on some classes are just sick, they turn a burst dps into a tank. simply taking out def souv on mdps would be great, nerfing it would be an option too, maybe in the way of -strength on it

  4. Good and thoughtful post. I think the PQs and NPCs should remain. If we’re going to spread things out and add more objectives to take and hold, odds are they will be undefended by actual players. Keeping the NPCs will add some danger and effort to take and cap a point.

  5. Some stuff sounds pretty ok, but some make no sence at all. a DPS AM/Shammy thats not able to ressurect allies. I know guilds that focus all ressing on a dps AM just coz they can pull off fast resses. Take this away from em and AM will be even more utillity less then it allready is. And 2hander tanks should be able to guard imo. But instead of 50% damage split, it should be 75% damage taken and the tank should take 75% of the damage his guarded target takes. Also your dear dps DoK need their healdebebuff tactic changed to a crit increase tactic like WP, When they decided to bring Zealot and Runies more close to eachother, they gave Zealots the healdebuff tactic, that RP have wich was a mirror from the DoK healdebuff tactic. Now you got two of em. I totally agree with you on some classes have way to many debuffs. Marauder is the one that comes first to my mind. Healdebuff, Wounds, Armour, Tougness. Then it’s CC, to many classes have CC that shouldn’t have it, I think mainly of the high dps classes like WE/WH, BW/Sorc, Choppas/Slayers. These classes are designed for high burst dps. Giving em CC so people can’t act when they start attacking you is a really bad idea from Mythic. Main CC should be tanks and Magus/Engie for AoE and SH/SW for ST

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