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Dream 1.4.2 patch notes? sure… why not…

Posted in Warhammer Online - General on January 30, 2011 by bruglir
Well, we’ve been told in rough terms what we’re going to see in 1.4.1, so i’m going to throw out some wishlist notes for 1.4.2.
Some of the notes are the same as my previous wishlist, some of them are a little different, some are completely different.
One thing I do ask though, is that if you feel the need to comment like “omg u want to remove SL orders only CD debuff OMGOMGOMG!”… please read the entire thing before making yourself look like a boob. I realise that White Lion is a little further down the alphabet, but really if you’re at the level where you can post a comment, you can certainly make it that little bit further past the letter S, right?
And again, I don’t know every career inside out, although i’m getting a clearer picture all the time based on conversation, and rerolling toons (although not lately, my pc is broked).
I also need to prefix some of these changes with “mechanic” information, such as how resistance and armour work. Otherwise you won’t fully understand the changes.
How armour is calculated is in 3 parts:
Attackers armour penetration value
(<Attacker WS> * (<Attacker rank> / (<Attacker rank> + <Attacker Renown over 80>))) / ((7.5 * <Defender rank>) + 50) * 0.25
Defender physical mitigation value
<Defender armour> / ((<Attacker rank> + <Attacker Renown over 80>) * 44) * 0.4
Total physical mitigation value
<Defender Physical Mitigation> * (1 – <Attacker Armour Penetration>) cannot be over 0.75 (75%)
So if our attacker is renown rank 83 and has 600 WS, our defender has 3500 armour at rank 40 we get:
  • (600 * (40 / (40 + 3))) / ((7.5 * 40) + 50) * 0.25 = 0.3987
  • 3500 / ((40 + 3) * 44) * 0.4 = 0.74
  • 0.74 * (1 – 0.39) = 0.4450
this gives us a total of 44.5% armour penetration between this attacker and defender.
and Resistances are calcualted like this:
<Defender Resistance> / ((<Attacker rank> + <Attacker Renown over 80>) * 8.4) * 0.2
So let’s say our attacker is renown rank 83, and our defender is rank 40 with a resistance value of 673 (the softcap at 40/80). we get:
  • 673 / ((40 + 3) * 8.4) * 0.2 = 0.3726 which is 37.26%
what we see from this, is that as you gain renown past 80, you gain a small bonus to armour penetration, and a reduction in your enemies resistance effectiveness. Which in itself is fine and I won’t be touching on that at all in this post. However the information is important for you to know so you understand the changes to the way armour and resistances work later on in this post.
General RVR changes:
  • Siege weapons, and rams are now affected by your realms AAO bonus. They will now deal between 100% damage at 0 AAO and 400% damage at 400% AAO.
  • Scenario queues have changed! if you are queueing as a group, you will now only fight other groups.
  • All warcamps will now have two (2) rank 55 champions at their exits.
  • Scenario guards now have a 200ft aggro range, will only use ranged attacks, and cannot move (they will not wipe an entire group if they are out of 200ft).
  • Keeps now have two door locks, one in the outer gatehouse, and one in the keep lord room. If the attacking realm manages to destroy this lock, the door it controls will open immediately. Defenders will need to be extra vigilent against
  • Controlling 3 battle objectives will halt all damage on the keep door. The attacking realm will need to control at least two objectives to continue damaging a keep door. This change forces players to roam continually and actively participate in zone control rather than “waithammering” at a keep door.
  • Controlling all four battle objectives as the attacking realm will cause your ram to deal 10% more damage.
  • Controlling all four battle objectives as the defending realm will cause your door to heal at a rate of 1% every 10 seconds.
The rvr lakes will be widened and in some cases remodeled to allow easier access in tier 4. and will have two new public quests added along with one new battle objective. Existing objectives will be respaced to allow more travel time between them, and causing smaller forces to become more effective against larger ones by forcing them to spread apart.
The new public quests will involve both realms fighting over resources, the winning realm will have access to siege ladders (maximum 2 deployed at a time). Siege ladders may only be deployed by a player in a party or warband. Anyone may purchase a ladder at any time, but cannot use it if:
  • the realm hasn’t won the pq at least once (to
    allow deployment)
  • they are not in a party or warband
Siege ladders may be deployed anywhere along a keep wall, they will act (in reality) as a teleporter from the bottom of the wall to the top, there is no travel time from bottom to top. They will have an HP bar, and can be destroyed.
General Mechanic changes:
The way armour penetration is calculated has changed! Now all careers will benefit from a passive multiplier in the formula based on what type of armour your opponent is wearing.
This multiplier will be:
  • Light armour = (penetration 0.45)
  • Medium armour = (penetration 0.32)
  • Heavy armour = (penetration 0.2)
This makes the armour penetration formula look like this:
  • (<Attacker WS> * (<Attacker rank> / (<Attacker rank> + <Attacker Renown over 80>))) / ((7.5 * <Defender rank>) + 50) * <penetration multiplier>
Likewise the way magical resistances are calculated has now changed! Now all careers will benefit from a passive multiplier in the formula based on what type of armour your opponent is wearing.
This multiplier will be:
  • Light armour = 0.25
  • Medium armour = 0.2
  • Heavy armour = 0.15
this makes the armour penetration formula look like this:
  • <Defender Resistance> / ((<Attacker rank> + <Attacker Renown over 80>) * 8.4) * <Armour Multiplier>
With this change means an overhaul of existing armour sets. All armour sets will be revised in order to allow them to work in the current system. In order to aid this, armour will now be bracketed in order to provide a clearer system. I’ll focus on Tier 4 here.
  • Bracket 1 – Conqueror, Sentinel, Invader, Darkpromise, Tyrant
  • Bracket 2 – Warlord, Sovereign
  • Bracket 3 – Doomflayer, Warpforged
Bracket 1 will all have an armour value of 2800. it will all have the same item level and therefor stat budget of 58. the renown requirement will be staggered from 40-65, the sets will be made so that Conqueror and Sentinel are Defensive, Invader and Darkpromise are Offensive, and Tyrant is hybridised between the two.
Bracket 2 will have an armour value of 3500. it will have the same item level and therefor stat budget of 65. Warlord will need an additional item added to its set, or have its stats revised to contain the same amount of stats as sovereign. Warlord will be Defensive, and sovereign will be Offensive.
Bracket 3 will have an armour value of 4500. it will have the same item level and therefor stat budget of 75. both sets will therefor have their stats severely reduced from current levels, but could have up to 3 additional items added to their sets, and/or include the named weapons as parts of their set bonus. Doomflayer will be defensive, Warpforged will be offensive
The combination of the above changes means that yes… there will still be a balance of power in favour of high renown players in the best gear. However it HEAVILY dampens that balance, allowing players in lower level gear to remain highly
competetive. It also keeps mitigation values largely the same as you progress, so while your stats increase with the gear, so does your enemies armour, but so does your penetration. It’s not overpowering however. This also means that light armour users will gain less use from stacking armour talismans/potions than heavy armour wearers, but the opposite effect happens for resistances.
I’ve set up an interactive spreadsheet here, with instructions at the top of the page, so you can see the difference between now, and under the new system.
General career overhauls:
Bright wizard/Sorcerer
Bright Wizard and sorcerer mechanics have changed, they will no longer have a chance to receive backlash damage. Instead they will have a scaling incoming heal debuff applied to them.
  • At 20 mechanic, 5% heal debuff
  • At 40 mechanic, 10% heal debuff
  • At 60 mechanic, 15% heal debuff
  • At 80 mechanic, 20% heal debuff
  • At 100 mechanic, 25% heal debuff
  • this heal debuff can be applied on top of others. So a second incoming heal debuff would reduce incoming heals to 37.5% at full mechanic.
This change will allow both careers to be less reliant on groups allowing for players to have more freedom to play solo if they choose. However it also forces them to manage their mechanic more closely in group play, as being focused at full
mechanic will be much much harder on their group.
Magus and Engineers will not receive any huge damage boosts. Instead they will have two of their tactics merged with current abilities. This will allow them to become more of a support career that is vital to any group, and will raise their
effectiveness through utility. I’ll list engineers only here, but it should affect magus equally
  • The tactic – Concussive Mine will be merged with napalm grenade. So that anyone within the napalm grenade radius will become disorientated for 10 seconds.
  • The tactic – Proximity alarm will now become a passive ability on all turrets.
  • Burn salve will be revised. It will apply a lower valued resistance buff to all resistances, but will also apply an armour buff. Due to the lowered values, this ability will stack with potions and other buffs, giving magus/engineer a unique place within the game (no other group buffs stack).
Squig Herder/Shadow Warrior
Not so much a career overhaul, as a passive adjustment. Bows will now have a passive +5% armour penetration attached to them. This will be applied during the attacker penetration stage of the formula like this:
  • (<Attacker WS> * (<Attacker rank> / (<Attacker rank> + <Attacker Renown over 80>))) / ((7.5 * <Defender rank>) + 50) * (<penetration multiplier> – <bow multiplier>)
  • Again, for your reference, please check the interactive spreadsheet on how this will affect values. and feel free to PM me on the forum or just write in this thread if you have any questions about it or whatever.
  • That’s all I got for now!
    Thanks for reading.
    edit: updated the penetration multipliers, and did away with mitigation multipliers. it scales much more evenly now. essentially what it means is that because the majority of armour sets will have the same stat budgets, mitigation values will “feel” static as you progress, rather than taking sharp dips or high spikes. it means that low armour careers will get less benefit from stacking armour than high armour careers do. that said, all the armour sets would need their stats redoing, it would be a much more fun game (in my opinion) without such a massive difference in item levels and stats. but you would still get some benefit from leveling past 80 (roughly 0.57% total mitigation less to deal with per renown rank), but it’s not as massive a difference as it currently is.