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long time no post!

Posted in Warhammer Online - General on July 27, 2011 by bruglir

long time no post…

and yes i’m sorry about that! but as happens from time to time, real life got in the way, i stopped playing as often and had other things to worry about.

being freelance has its drawbacks sometimes, i’m focusing super hard on getting a solid portfolio together, but when the majority of your past work is locked under NDA you have to spend your free time doing extra “work” to fill the void… so it’s been tough, and that meant less game time! my girlfriend became pregnant (the high!), and suffered a miscarriage (the epic epic low…), and we’ve been working through that together and are finally at a point where we are starting to feel “normal” again.

so where to begin eh?
i’ll try to keep this fairly concise, but please be aware it’s sort of a ramble too. let’s just say, that i’ve come to a point in my WAR career where i really couldn’t care less about too many things anymore… yes i’m still a core tester, for what it’s worth. and sure i still enjoy theorycrafting, proving people wrong, and being a troll from time to time.

but what about the game itself?
well firstly, let me say that over the past months, the game has come a long way. the gear gap has diminished dramatically, and while a full party of warpforged will stomp a full party of sovereign… that’s no different to the way it used to be when a full party of sovereign would stomp a full party of warlord. there is still a small gear gap though, and i don’t think that’s going to go away anytime soon, but the game is far from unenjoyable because of it.

tiers one and two have become insanely fun of late. i had mixed feelings about the restructuring of renown gear, but actually it’s really not so bad. for the most part it’s very balanced and because the gear is so freely easy to obtain you will find the experience highly enjoyable.

but tier 3 is a nightmare.
i don’t think i can stress that enough. this is partly down to bad development, and partly down to shitty player mentality. by allowing players to gain renown ranks double their career ranks, and with the current level of exp gain per player kill/scenario win, players are finding themselves “encouraged” to avoid fighting in tier three…
this is a bad thing.
the reason for this though, is the entirely unfounded belief that anyone entering tier 4 at a rank lower than 70 to 80, is going to get stomped over and over and will never have any fun at all. that’s complete and utter horse crap. i recently rerolled a white lion (prettiest WL in all of EU i should add), and started roaming T4 as early as career rank 32, but why? oh that’s right, because i enjoy actually fighting players. when i hit rank 40, i was only renown rank 52. i decided i’d rather grind rats and hit 40 ASAP, than do an endless merry go round of empty keeps in T3 to get my renown up.

and i didn’t regret it.

hitting tier 4 as a “lowbie” white lion was invigorating and fun. it inspired me to play to the best of my ability, and when that wasn’t enough, that was fine. i was actually pretty happy in the knowledge that most of my deaths were at the hands of players i knew to be great from playing with them as a destro player.

and what about rerolling order, why did i do it?

well… when 1.4.0 hit, i started out the new grind to 100. but, i dunno if i can explain it properly. but i didn’t see 100 as being an achievement. i didn’t see it as a goal to hit. moving the goalposts and making the “top rank” higher than before seemed a little cheesy to me… i’d already been “top rank”, i’d already been the highest RR you could achieve, and for longer than most people in the game. i didn’t even roll any alts until months after hitting 80 because i never wanted to. i was happy knowing order players hated fighting me, and destro players envied and sometimes disliked me for my playstyle and manerisms. Bruglir had, it seems, become some sort of renowned name… players from different servers had heard the name. so why did i leave it behind?
i didn’t.
i still play my disciple, and still enjoy playing it. but i needed to feel a rekindling of excitement in the game. i needed to do something i felt like i hadn’t done before… and for a long time i’d wondered (mostly because people had suggested) what it would be like playing a “proper” mdps career, would it be any better? would i melt people faster? would it be easier/more difficult? so i set off to find out. and i have to say that while the pet is a complete pain in the arse and that there are some obvious shortfalls. playing WL for a while has really renewed the game for me. i DO melt people harder and faster than i ever did on my dok, and the playstyle is completely different.

oh and when i do come up against melee doks, it hurts… i know the tricks to beat them, but they don’t always, or even often work, and the good doks just tear me apart. but that’s fine, i can live with that!

so i guess if i were to shorten all of the above, i would probably say this:

  • don’t be so extreme, it’s just a game, enjoy it for what it is. sure there’s not much in the way of “new content”, but just by rolling to the opposite realm (on the same server) i was able to enjoy a completely new experience, and have some fun and healthy competition against my destro friends.
  • go out and actually fight other players! sure you might not hit rr80 by the time you hit rank 40, but (and i mean this very sincerely) if you get from rank 22-40 without having many decent fights, THAT is the reason you will lose in tier 4. not the gear gap, not the renown, but purely lack of practice and knowledge of your career.
  • yes i still feel that particular changes need to happen with the game. firstly resistance/armour values need to be reversed so that high armour has low resistance and vice versa, and also that CC/debuffs need to be revised among all careers to allow those with lower damage to have more value through utility, and those with better damage to have lower value through utility.
  • come talk to me. if you play on norn, my destro toons are Bruglir, Lhunara, and Rhunon. and my order toons are ipouncetheface, itburnstheface, ipoundtheface. if you want to discuss game mechanics, how many times i’ve killed you/you’ve killed me, or just say hello. then do it. i’m not the eliteist prick i used to be, and i feel like a better player for it.

oh, and for those that enjoyed my last post featuring some fan art i did of  Darth Revan, from KOTOR. thank you for your feedback, here is another image that might help you see the materials and construction: