the free to play WAR issue, and me…

so i’ve been having a thought about the whole free to play argument going on with WAR. it’s been going on for a while, and i can see arguments both for, and against it.

the biggest argument against it, is that it’s a pvp focused game, and that it would be very difficult to stop it becoming “pay to win”. so i thought for a while, of all the different ways to make a free to play business model successful for WAR. and sure some of these might not work, it’s just one guy brainstorming, after all.

content restrictions:
being a pvp game, you can’t really restrict any of the pvp content in a free to play model, that’s just silly. and to that same end, you can’t restrict or penalise “free” players with regards to the gear they can obtain or how fast they gain exp/renown. anything in that regard would come down to the “pay to win” argument.

rvr specific restrictions:

  • keep the existing restriction of only being able to reach renown rank 80 without purchasing the rvr packs.
  • allow all players to access all four tiers, and all the rvr lakes within them.
  • restrict the use of skaven monster play, to players who’ve purchased the rvr packs.

pve specific restrictions:

  • do not restrict public quests, allow players to experience all non-instanced content within the free to play subscription.
  • remove lockout timers from all pve instances.
  • add a £1 entree fee for players entering a pve instance. this fee will cover their entry into the instance for 6 hours, or until all bosses have been defeated, at which point they will need to pay another £1 to enter the instance, all bosses will be reset and the instance restarted. – this will enable players to “farm” pve loot to their hearts content, and provide a potentially lucrative income for mythic/ea.
  • an alternative to the above, would be to remove lockout timers from pve instances, and charge players a one off fee of £10 per instance, to unlock access to that instance on a per-character basis. allowing players to decide whether they wish to run an instance, how often they want to run it, and whether they feel it’s worth paying for the content.

player specific restrictions:

  • players are limited to 4 character slots per server if the account is made AFTER war goes free to play. any players who were previous subscribers may keep all the characters they have made, but upon deleting a character, that slot becomes closed. if they delete all their characters for example, they will then be limited to 4.
  • players can purchase unlimited character slots, at the cost of £5 per slot.
  • players are restricted to a single inventory, currency, and crafting bag upon creating a new character. any old characters who already have full bag sets will retain those bags.
  • players may pay £1 for an additional inventory bag, up to a total of 5.
  • players may pay £1 for an additional crafting bag, up to a total of 5.
  • additional inventory/crafting bag purchases are on a per-character basis, they are not account wide.
  • new characters will be restricted to 5 bank rows, any existing characters may keep all the rows they have currently unlocked.
  • players may pay £1 for an additional bank row, up to a total of 80.
  • additional bank rows are on a per-character basis, they are not account wide.
  • all players (old and new) will now have to pay £2.50 to unlock the alternate appearance function on their character. this is on a per-character basis, it is not account wide.

new features:

unless stated otherwise, the following are on a per-character basis, and are not account wide.

  • along with the restrictions above, there are new features available for players to take advantage of!
  • players will now be able to visit a special armour painter. these armour painters can be found at any chapter camp, and in the inevitable city and altdorf.
  • the armour painters will charge you £2.50 to change the colour of your armour, and gives you access to the FULL range of citadel paint colours. you may still use gold to dye your armour at the regular merchants, but they retain their limited colour pallettes.
  • players will be able to purchase new mounts, for the small sum of £1.50 per mount! these mounts are permanent additions to your character and do not decay over time. they have no level restriction, however their speed is restricted to +25% in tier 1, +40% in tier 2, +50% in tier 3, and +60% in tier 4.
  • empire characters will now be able to purchase pegasus, unicorns and griffons.
  • high elf characters will now be able to purchase pegasus, unicorns and drakelings (young dragons).
  • dwarf players will now be able to purchase shield bearers, and beer powered tanks.
  • chaos players will now be able to purchase juggernaughts of khorne (chosen/marauder), screamers of tzeench (magus), and beasts of slaanesh (zealot).
  • dark elf players will now be able to purchase dark pegasus, manticores, and drakelings (young dragons).
  • greenskin players will now be able to purchase ridden squigs (squig herder/shaman), snotling bearers (goblins can be carried by snotlings… copying dwarven shield bearers), and wyrmlings (young wyverns for black orcs/choppas).

so there you have it. my own take on how WAR could potentially go free to play. hope you enjoyed reading, and while i’ve no doubt that WAR will probably never go free to play, especially as it would then become a potential conflict of interests with SWTOR, we can all hope.


One Response to “the free to play WAR issue, and me…”

  1. Not bad.

    My only concern is paying to run dungeons. While the ToVL mirror gets quite busy on Gorfang, it can still be difficult to motivate people to PVE. Adding fees for dungeon access would have to coincide with an overhaul of dungeon loot/incentives.

    Of course, if a fee meant more dev attention to dungeons with better rewards and therefore more player interest I would be very happy.

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