Wrath of Heroes?

wow… what an announcement. and where to begin?

first of all, i’m not one of the bloggers who was invited to take part in the mythic Q+A a few months back, i knew nothing of this, and neither did any of the other bloggers/core testers who weren’t invited.
it seems mythic did a fantastic job of keeping mouths closed about this.

but where do i stand on it? a quick cursory glance to the forums shows a lot of bitterness and spite coming from some players. somewhat understandably, they feel (initially at least) betrayed by mythic… we were told there would be an anouncement about WAR in august, and to a lot of us, wrath of heroes looks like a new game, of course it does. it’s not WAR, and never will be. so where is our WAR news, please?

thing is, this DOES have the potential to be a good thing for WAR. unlimited 6v6v6 play? fantastic, i can see a lot of players dropping in and out of it. if that sparks renewed interest in WAR, then that’s awesome.
it does pose a problem though… a lof of the WAR players i play with currently, are scenario fanatics… so an excuse to leave WAR behind in favour of what is effectively non-stop scenarios with a self balancing mechanic is pretty win.
it also has the leaderboard and three way combat that WAR players have wanted since the game launched 3 years ago.

i’m interested in seeing how they combine WAR with WOH. i’m interested in seeing what benefits WAR subscribers will get within WOH (see bootaes blog for my source on that), and i’m also interested to see how this affects WAR in general.

i think this will go one of two ways:
1. mythic has just killed WAR.
2. mythic has just given WAR the lifeline it needed.


3 Responses to “Wrath of Heroes?”

  1. […] them. There’s rote reporting, excitement, justification, ambivalence, cautiousĀ non-committal speculation, and further disappointment. Suffice to say, the emotional gamut is being run. My thoughts on it […]

  2. Mythic never told anyone of us something about an “anouncement about WAR in august”. This were rumors spreaded by players. Even Kai said a while a go, that there will be no WAR related stuff announced. Only that there will SOMETHING be announced.

  3. The gamestyle between WAR and WoH might be totally different.. With just 5 abilities per Hero in WoH things will surely play different than in WAR.. Maybe there’s even a niche for both maybe even for scenario fanatics.

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