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On to new horizons!

Posted in Star Wars: The Old Republic on October 23, 2011 by bruglir

Hi guys, long time no update!

I must apologise for that, the last well… year has been very busy for me. lots of ups and downs in personal, professional, and recreational time. and i thank everybody who’s had the patience to come and visit every day looking to see if i’ve posted anything new (really guys, thank you!).

So what’s this post about? well, i’m moving on from WAR. possibly probably not permanently, i still have a lot of affection for the game and certainly still enjoyed playing it up until the day my subscription ran out. but i did have reasons for stopping my subscription, detailed here and for the time being i’m happy with my decision.

so what about this blog, where does it go from here? well i’m going to be playing SWTOR at launch, i’ve got a guild built of friends i made in WAR on both order and destruction, players i’ve played against, and along side for up to 3 years, and we’re very much looking forward to cleaving a name for ourselves on whatever server we land on! so if you want to join us in SWTOR there’s currently an “open policy” for all WAR players who’re looking for good, solid pvp, and a strong pvp based guild to play with, up until 20th december you’re free to join us no questions asked (as long as you follow our guild rules, which i’ll post below). here’s a link to our SWTOR guild site.

I’ll be very interested in figuring out the combat mechanics of SWTOR as well, so expect to see some posts on that at some point. but largely this blog will likely turn into either a comparrison (what’s different between SWTOR and WAR), and possibly even a dual blog if i decide to uptake WAR again. thanks for reading, and hope to see you all in a game soon.

the SWTOR guild rules are:


  • Nobody is bigger than the guild. the welfare of the guild comes first, always. if a new recruit, core member, officer, or even a leader is found to act contrary to this, swift justice shall befall them.


  • Our friends from WAR will have up until the 20th december to be elegable for open invitation, once this date has passed they will be subject to the same recruitment rules as everyone else.
  • Recruits must be recommended by a current guild member.
  • Recruits will be subject to review after two weeks, after which a guild officer will either accept them into the guild, deny them access, or grant them an additional two weeks probation.
  • The guild language is english, ventrilo, guild, party and alliance discussions must be held in english (spoken and written), private discussions may take place in any language.
  • Recruits must have a microphone and be willing to use it.
  • Female recruits must sound hot, if they sound like a 20 stone angry ginger then they can gtfo. (note, they can actually BE an angry 20 stone ginger, as long as they don’t sound like one.)

Conduct within the guild:

  • Where possible, always join a guild group. if you’re logging on for 5 minutes or 5 hours, you join a group and play as a team.
  • All guild groups should be set to “guild open”, to allow players to drop in and out as they log in and out of the game.
  • Guild arranged PvE raids take priority over everything.
  • PvP takes priority over everything else. example: a player wants a group to go PvPing, there are 6 other people online, 4 have a guild arranged a PvE raid, 2 want to start aranging one. the 4 can do their PvE run, the 2 have to join the guy wanting to go PvPing.
  • Win with humility.
  • Lose gracefully.
  • Kick ass all day every day.
  • Be respectful of allies and enemies, but also be able to take a joke as well as you can give them.
  • Players will spec the way they are dictated to by the guild leaders/officers during PvP and PvE events.
  • Players may spec how they choose during their personal time.
  • Players will act respectfully to both allies and enemies on all third party websites (ie: public forums etc.), any disputes raised about Vulgar Display of Power on third party websites will be dealt with and mediated by guild leaders or officers, and any members found to start conflicts publicly will be disciplined harshly.
  • Players are free to play with members outside of the guild, except in the event that there is a free spot in a guild group in which case they will always join the guild group.

Loot rules:

  • Main tank takes priority always.
  • After the main tank, people should only roll for things they NEED, if they only WANT it then they should pass it to another member who NEEDS it.
  • No arguments. if you have a grievence regarding loot, petition a guild leader/officer privately, do not cause public drama over it.